“With Speak Your Mind the grammar is presented  within the context  of a conversation  which helps communication, not hinder it”

English for Teens 11+

The Speak Your Mind method is also perfect for younger students, with consistently good results with students from the age of 11 onwards. Speak Your Mind follows a parallel path to conventional school programme, focussing on developing speaking skills and conversational confidence, something that schools simply can’t manage with the restrictions of large sized classes. The Speak Your Mind programme will guide each student from their real level and aptitude and allow their English to grow naturally.

For every minute of the lesson the teacher actively involves the students in speaking. Interactive and fun, the lessons help the students increase their vocabulary while becoming more natural and fluent in speaking. With Speak Your Mind the grammar is always presented within the context of a conversation which helps ease of communication, not hinder it.

Get to the last year of school without needing to worry about any more English courses through university or work – who wouldn’t want that? Starting an English course at the right age and with the right strategy, this becomes a realistic goal. Speak Your Mind has laid out this path – a structured path with a series of internationally recognised exams along the way, which provide reward and motivation.

Courses for school-kids: 2 x 50-minute lessons per week from October to May.