” For many years  we have worked with trusted schools in Great Britain  and the United States”

Study abroad

For many years we have worked with selected schools in Great Britain and the United States, trusted schools that can assure our clients of high standards of teaching and accommodation.

Courses can be arranged at all times of year, in groups, individual or combination programmes. We will be happy to advise you on the best options according to your needs.

A study holiday in a good school abroad can be one of the best ways to round off an English course you have done at home during the year. A couple of weeks in England can be a great way to show how much useful English you’ve learnt and to give you a real sense of spontaneity and confidence.

For those who wish to take a bigger step we also organise courses that last a month or a full school year.

We can also arrange top quality specialised courses in professional English in the UK. In ideal way to make the most of a short time and to benefit from a unique experience meeting professionals with similar needs in a real international context.